Ava Max - OMG What's Happening [Official Music Video]

"Heaven & Hell" Available Now
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Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
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  1. Edmar Ebido

    Edmar Ebido

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  2. Khalil Prado

    Khalil Prado

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    Ava deserves at least 100M in every music video she's in

  3. elif13 güney

    elif13 güney

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    Ava Max is truly a legendary singer.Every time I listen to her songs, even on the worst day of my life, her voice, kindness and beauty cheer me up. Her songs is perfects. The next star of pop music ❤

  4. Sergo Kwanidze

    Sergo Kwanidze

    I love how her deep calm voice in the beginning turn into high pitch scream because of emotional frustration. Perfectly transferred emotions. Actually this is masterpiece at many levels.

  5. Re


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    Ela é tão fantástica, incrivelmente linda e faz música boa, amo.✨

  6. 𝑰'𝒎 𝑽'𝒔 ᏒꂅᎠ ᏒԾᏕꂅ 🌹🌚

    𝑰'𝒎 𝑽'𝒔 ᏒꂅᎠ ᏒԾᏕꂅ 🌹🌚

    Ava's songs give me a lot of energy and strength whenever I feel weak . Thanks to her for making such great songs ! We All Love You ❤️❤️

  7. Julio C TOCH

    Julio C TOCH

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    Ava max is giving me everything I expect from a pop artist, style, good videos, funny songs to sing. I love her

  8. Hannah Dempsey

    Hannah Dempsey

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    I hope she gets more recognition in the future, she's so talented <3

  9. Aliz Rivera

    Aliz Rivera

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    No importa cuantas veces escuche las canciones de ava max siempre mueve mi cuerpo sin importar los pasadas de moda q estén

  10. Cuffino


    Ava's songs never fails to make my day and mood a lot better 💕

  11. Felipe Campos

    Felipe Campos

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    Ava Max no solo puede cantar y también es una excelente escritora de canciones. ❤️🥺 Lo que está sucediendo está escrito en su totalidad por ella, 😭 Reina Ava bravo, muy talentosa, te amo ❤️

  12. Million Max Let down

    Million Max Let down

    14 أيام قبل

    Claramente, essa musica é exemplar e incrível, eu escuto muito essa obra-prima...

  13. Eliza S

    Eliza S

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    It's been WEEKS or even a month and I'm still listening to Heaven & Hell on repeat. Ava's music is THAT amazing

  14. imsocool


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    I love all her songs! Unlike other artists, Ava is unique and is always being herself!

  15. Amanda Borges Cruz dos Santos

    Amanda Borges Cruz dos Santos

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    Ava Max não é uma nova Lady Gaga

  16. Mara Cantora

    Mara Cantora


  17. Alcione Jorge

    Alcione Jorge

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    Ela não quer competir com ninguém! Só quer ser ela mesma e proporcionar momentos inesquecíveis 💐

  18. bacon🥓


    Uma das melhores músicas da ava ou a melhor sem ofensas 😍😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  19. Sylla Atlas

    Sylla Atlas

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    Ok but the “wait a minute” to adjust her bra is already ICONIC

  20. Achernan


    I love this song. I’ve listened to it dozens of times.