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  1. Brennan Condon

    Brennan Condon

    Fact: the moment we stop making men vs women and make it about good people vs bad people maybe then we could solve a lot of these issues.

  2. Brave Lil' Toasty 1273

    Brave Lil' Toasty 1273

    The same way women cannot handle the fact that they can also abuse men.

  3. jarobone


    I would rather say "most people can't handle the same hurt as the people thay hurt" possible because some people just don't think about others feelings. we are all living beings with wants needs & feelings. life is full of ups and downs, If everyone just did / said one kind thing a day. this world would be a better place for all of us.

  4. Николай Липин

    Николай Липин

    Красавица, и певица отличная🤗

  5. FabianVanSteph


    Man also have feelings !!!!!!! A woman can hurt a Mans feelings also !!

  6. ontealain


    Fun fact: You have tested most men to conclude this fact

  7. MonkeyOfWAR


    Ok, I like your music but stop being cringe.

  8. nightmarathon


    damn really cuz it was the other way around for me..

  9. Josh Boren

    Josh Boren

    How many is most men? Just cuz you've had bad men in your life doesn't mean "most" men. Stop generalizing as if you know that as an actual fact, not an ignorant opinion.

  10. ✨ Totally Jack Marko ✨

    ✨ Totally Jack Marko ✨

    Spent 24 hours, I need more hours with you

  11. Kubilay Sacu

    Kubilay Sacu

    i never hurt i just love n joy

  12. Arii


    Damn gurrrlll ur so gorg lyyy <333



    Hi beautiful ava.... ❤❤

  14. It’s Megan

    It’s Megan

    I love you so much, you look absolutely gorgeous!! ❤️

  15. Mahmoud saad

    Mahmoud saad

    Lucky to see you early queen 😍💃🔥

  16. Avviix


    Omg hi Ava I love your songs I can’t believe I’m earlyyyyy

  17. Lim yook yoong

    Lim yook yoong

    Супер хит👑

  18. BassLover Breakage

    BassLover Breakage

    Enjoy your weekend beautiful!

  19. Aiman LA

    Aiman LA

    I know that i can't handle my hurt, but im still capable to tackling my hurt not matter what how painful it is

  20. Erik Rosas

    Erik Rosas

    Hi Avaaaaa<3