Ava Max - Not Your Barbie Girl [Official Audio]

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  1. hyeol


    2 سنوات قبل

    tiktok or not, this song deserves to be recognized.

  2. Kpop Stan

    Kpop Stan

    سنوات قبل

    Popular opinion : Ava has voice of another level.💜✨

  3. Lani


    سنوات قبل

    When she said "you cant touch my body unless I say so," I decided this is an amazing song

  4. Suzanne Suzy

    Suzanne Suzy

    سنوات قبل

    That’s how we girls should think👏🏻. We have the decision and the first and final word on our bodies and our personalities, not anyone else. Salut to you Ava! Be strong girls and women! You are stronger than you think. ❤️

  5. Kookie's salad

    Kookie's salad

    سنوات قبل

    This is a powerful song. Talking about the reality more than just an imagination. Amazing

  6. imok


    This song will never die!

  7. Thv_sauda~


    سنوات قبل

    "Not your Barbie Girl, I'm living in my world. I ain't plastic .Call me classic."

  8. Sarabjit Kaur

    Sarabjit Kaur

    سنوات قبل

    I wish there was a official music video for this,it’s awesome! Needs more recognition.

  9. I fEd RoSiE aVoCaDo

    I fEd RoSiE aVoCaDo

    سنوات قبل

    Ava is one of the most influential women on this Earth. period

  10. Nicholas


    سنوات قبل

    "Not Your Barbie Girl"

  11. Alesha Marie

    Alesha Marie

    سنوات قبل

    THIS is the OFFICIAL girl's anthem.

  12. Dollminatrix


    سنوات قبل

    I love how this song to me keeps the fact that barbie is single(nowadays), strong, glamorous, feminine, makes her own money, has her own dreamhouse and kills it 💖 sibce i was a child she was such an inspiration to me. She is forever an icon.

  13. Funny Girl

    Funny Girl

    3 سنوات قبل

    This needs a music video. It's too amazing for just audio

  14. Donny Bonham

    Donny Bonham

    سنوات قبل

    I love this song. Ava is beyond inspirational. Consent is crucial and this is such a clever reinterpretation to a classic.

  15. Shailaja Venkataraman

    Shailaja Venkataraman

    Ava Max is someone who inspires. I can't seem to see anyone getting negativity from it. I feel powerful when I listen to her. Thanks to such amazing artists we can say there's still good music today.

  16. Jenna Ladrini

    Jenna Ladrini

    I really like the way Ava Max’s style fits the vibe of the songs and I love the power she has in her voice and the beat is great I love her I wish I meet her in person

  17. orangesii


    سنوات قبل

    Let's be honest, everytime she releases a song it always has a powerful meaning and it trends fast as a lightening

  18. Elias Stadler

    Elias Stadler

    Artista incrível

  19. 707 Error Occurred

    707 Error Occurred

    3 سنوات قبل

    Ava Max deserves more recognization

  20. Felipe Campos

    Felipe Campos

    سنوات قبل

    Cuando ella dijo; 'No puedes tocar mi cuerpo a menos que yo lo diga' 👀 Así que decidí que esta es una canción increíble, 😭 y sabes que Ava Max, es atemporal cuando todas sus canciones. 🥺❤️ Se siente como si hubieran sido lanzadas hace muchos años. 😲😭 Cualquier latinos aquí escuchando en 2021! 🇲🇽👐🏻