I still have eyelash glue on, oh well lol

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  1. James Pullen

    James Pullen

    Great Music! Her Positive Personality is Adorable🤩

  2. •AmyJend•





    The tone of your voice is pure and innocent, like a feeling that descends from my lips to my heart. Ava Max🔥😍😘💐

  4. BillyDogeplayz


    Ava I love this sonngggg so do my friends and family!!!

  5. I typed what I typed

    I typed what I typed

    So gorgeous, beautiful spirit and lovely artist. Your voice stands out and your artistry inspires me 😩🤌🏼

  6. Annie Ava Koci

    Annie Ava Koci

    your my world, my comfort person, lysm Ava

  7. Laleh


    You’re such an amazing singer you’re voice is beautiful

  8. THIRION Dylan

    THIRION Dylan

    I love your music, it's excellent, continue like that. In addition, you are really pretty.

  9. Guinea pig tales

    Guinea pig tales

    She has such an amazing voice

  10. FedoraBlox


    We want more music from you queen! :D, my dream is to hug ava max.

  11. Piano Music World

    Piano Music World

    I love you so much, I've been listening to you for two years , you are so divine.😘😍

  12. AODHAN


    Stinning amazing never the same

  13. NOAH


    talented, brillliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular never the same, totally unique, completely not ever done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomet on it, eat it, give birth to it

  14. avas_queens


    hi queen <333

  15. Simon Frimberger

    Simon Frimberger

    Ava is such a beautiful angel and her angelic voice is just wonderful

  16. Tania Ruíz

    Tania Ruíz

    I Really Really love your voice. I'm thankful I watched Kings and queens video that night in 2020, since then I listen to your music and love u and your amazing voice.♡

  17. Buzziez AJ

    Buzziez AJ

    You're so amazing Ava!

  18. Jess Ros

    Jess Ros

    Ava max you are amazing, beautiful and talented and I hope I get to meet you one day.

  19. Nihar


    I don't have any problem until I keep loving you😍🥺♥️

  20. Mr. rsg

    Mr. rsg

    Who found Ava Max and can't stop listening to her music.